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Best for remote working

Best for remote working

Portugal has been ranked as the best place in the world to travel and work remotely in 2022 by the travel research website, Momondo.


Living the dream isn’t just possible when you retire. Everyone who works remotely can now enjoy Portugal, or other sunny countries, while continuing to carry out their work.


Momondo's first Travel and Work index is a key resource for anyone looking for a temporary or permanent office experience abroad,” reads a statement sent by Momondo.


This study is based on 22 factors, split up into six criteria: local prices; social life; health and safety; remote working conditions; travel cost and accessibility and weather. With these factors, they found out the countries where it is easier to combine remote work with leisure when not working.


The pandemic has boosted a trend that is here to stay – flexible work systems, which allow workers to combine leisure with remote work. Employees can now work in a more inspiring country, where creativity can soar and where they are truly happy - and Portugal is at the top of their list, according to Momondo.


“Portugal has become known as the best country in the world for remote work, with high classifications in all categories including weather, social life, low crime rate and affordable cost of living. Portugal also has a visa for digital nomads, and many residents have a high level of English, which is a strong point for expats”, says the same note.


Find out the 10 countries that best match productive working conditions and opportunities for travel adventures, according to Momondo:


1. Portugal

2. Spain

3. Romania

4. Mauritius

5. Japan

6. Malta

7. Costa Rica

8. Panama

9. Czech Republic

10. Germany


The survey was carried out between 1 September and 20 October 2021 and a total of 111 countries were analysed. If you would like to find out more on this subject, please visit momondo.pt/travel-work/rank.


This confirms that, as we already know at Liberty, Portugal is the best place to work and live. Join us living in the Liberty lifestyle.


Source: https://www.theportugalnews.com/news/2022-01-15/portugal-best-for-remote-work/64572?fbclid=IwAR2YD0h6HDBUhIz9nI43ib8RGEfwz6D5oZhHftbSSdi8dhwuekeRA1Zw7OU