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Top tips to maximise the sale of your house

Top tips to maximise the sale of your house


If you are thinking of selling your home, you are definitely in a great position. The current housing inventory is much lower than in recent years, which is increasing buyer competition. The good news for you? The hot market enables homeowners more leverage to sell for the best possible terms and properties are selling quickly. However, despite this speed and the favourable opportunities for vendors there are still some steps that should be taken to make a property stand out from the rest and reward the best possible return.

Make Buyers Feel at Home


Make your property feel ready to move into by removing personal effects and creating tidy neutral spaces.
Show off the best assets of your property. 
Show the best light! Ensure that each area of the property is well lit with as much natural sun light coming in as possible.

This will attract the attention of more buyers, enabling themselves to envisage living there, and increase the chance of an offer substantially.

Clean up!

A clean and neat home ensures that a buyer is not distracted by anything, increasing the appeal of your property.

Kitchens are one of the most important rooms in a property, so make sure that the dishes are washed and put away and that the surfaces are cleared to attract more buyers.

Ahead of a viewing open the windows to air rooms, ensure that the room temperature is pleasant and that each room smells fresh! Buyers will always remember the smell of your house.



If buyers are not able to easily access your home they cannot make an offer! By making your home available curious eyes can change into eager interest. Remember buyers can have tight schedules, if your property is not available during their allocated time frame, they simply will not push to see it.

Get the price right

Even in a sellers market, it is so important to set your property at the right price in order to maximise its selling potential. If you price too high, it can actually be detrimental to the sale.

At Liberty Real Estate we can use our expertise of the local market to determine the best price for your home and set the stage for a successful sale.


If you are considering selling your property and would like discuss your options, get in touch with our Liberty Real Estate Consultants today!